#SIMPLESERVICE Artist Statement. 2018

#SimpleService is a project exploring ideas about service and exchange. By drawing attention to the way in which acts of service can become an artistic expression, I create a space where an exchange of ideas through simple interactions can be stimulated.

I have had the opportunity in my life to go to places like Thailand to be apart of a team that was building water filtration systems and teaching English at local schools. This process of giving of our time to these people became a catalyst for creating impact. Something that struct me as being an important part of this exchange was the dependancy it had on building relationship for the service to be “successful.”

Servant-hearted people have touched me in ways that are unexplainable; Does this mean that their actions are also art? Perhaps whether we know it or want to admit it, we are all making artistic decisions and creative moves in our lives.


These tasks although simplistic in action, refer to a greater personal call towards creating transparency in the services I provide people.

Tell me your needs, I want to listen.

I can tell you a story.
I can listen.
I can paint your nails red.
I can draw you a picture.
I can decide what you will eat for dinner. I can get you a glass of water.
I can give you a compliment.
I can make you a sandwich.
I can iron something for you.
I can brush your hair.
Tell me your needs.